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2017 Markets

2017 Markets


-East Greenwich Farmers Market 3-6pm


-Work Day


-Work Day


-Work Day


-Goddard Park Farmers Market 1a-9pm

-Charlestown Land Trust Farmers Market 1a-9pm (Opening June 26th)


-Richmond Framers Market 9a-1pm

-Farm Stand 10a-6pm (Opening date TBA)


-Fishermans' Memorial State Park Farmers Market 9a-1pm

CSA Program

What is a CSA Program?

A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program is a program set up by many small farms to help them get their season rolling by asking their customers to provide working capital in the late winter/early spring. This provides them with the money they need to purchase their seeds and equipment, to fund repairs and maintinence, and pay market fees and labor when they don't have much (or any) produce to sell. In exchange for your support, they provide their members with produce throughout the growing season.

How does that commonly work?

Most CSA programs work on a pick-up basis. Many farms will have a pick-up day at the farm where they have boxes of pre-selected produce for you to take home, or have a selection where you can take X of this, and Y of that. Unfortunatley, we have noticed this can lead to complications. In many cases, if you are unable to make the pick-up within a limited timeframe, you will miss out on your produce for that week. We do not think that if you fall ill, go away on vacation, or have to work late that you should miss out on the produce you've already payed for. Before starting our own program, we also had many folks tell us that they didn't feel they were getting their dollars worth from their CSA; and that the shares weren't flexible enough in their pricing. But the biggest drawback with the traditional CSA model that we have heard is the fact that oftentimes a weekly CSA would contain too much of things people didn't care for, and not enough (or none) of what they did. We have structured our CSA to specifically address each of these problems.

How is the Luckyfoot Ranch CSA different?

Instead of a pick-up system, our CSA relies on a voucher model. This allows for greater covenience in all aspects. Instead of a limited window one day a week for pick-up, vouchers can be used at any of the markets we participate in, and our farmstand (4 days a week). They do not expire until the end of the season, so they can be used at your convenience. And last but not least, they are used on only the things you want! What kind of produce do we provide? Navigate to our 'Produce' and 'Gallery' tabs for a look!

Great! Now what's that cost?

The vouchers come in books of 11 vouchers worth $5 each, for a total of $55 in each booklet. Each of the booklets cost $50, which means you're not only getting your money's worth, but you're infact getting more than your money's worth! As for how many booklets you can purchase, you can get just one, three, or ten! Our CSA scales with whatever amount you would like to spend, but you will always get your additional 10% no matter how much you buy!

How do I sign up?

Our 2015 application can be found below, please print two copies, carefully read the agreement, fill both out, and follow the instructions on the last page. If you have any questions or concerns, we can be reached via email at, or Matt can be reach by phone at any time at (401)481-6203.

Download 2017 Agreement